What is NLP?

Natural language processing (NLP) is a sub-field of artificial intelligence and linguistics.However, since the significant developments in informatics popularized the research fields of NLP, nowadays it is considered as a basic discipline.


Linguistics looms large in cognitive sciences since the language aptitude is a human specific capability. NLP is concerned with generation and understanding natural languages by computers. It is very beneficial for communication to model the language on computer environment.


The goal of NPL is to design and implement computer systems which analyse, understand, interpret and generate a natural language. The research area of NLP includes understanding the structure of natural languages, natural language usage as an interface between human and computer, and translation by computers. Most of the studies on NLP have been developed for English language which is used in science and business extensively. It is not possible to transform the rules and algorithms used for English to ones for Turkish with a one-to-one correspondence. Thus, NLP studies for Turkish language can be done by Turkish linguists or computer engineers who know Turkish very well.


Word processors, information conversion from natural language into computer database instead of conversion by using SQL, semiautomatic text translation, monolingual or multilingual word access, sentence and text generation in natural language, text summarization, speech recognition, and speech generation are within the application field of NLP.


There is no fixed algorithm in NLP, and because of uncertainties, it is an Nondeterministic Polynomial (NP) problem.


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